Innervision Ultrasound

3D pregnancy ultrasound scans in Mayo


At Innervision we offer a range of pregnancy scans, from early pregnancy scans to 4D scans. See you baby's face, hands, feet and watch him or her move within the womb. We will record video clip for you to bring home and enjoy with family and friends.

You can come for a scan at any time during pregnancy to follow your baby's progress or just for peace of mind.

About Us

clinic Established in 2006, Innervision Ultrasound continues to offer the best ultrasound experience for expectant parents. The clinic is located in Castlebar, County Mayo, making it easily accessible to customers from Mayo, Sligo, Galway, Donegal, Roscommon and Limerick.

About the Sonographer

helen At Innervision, scans are performed by Helen Mobasser BSc (Nursing), Registered Midwife, HDip in Diagnostic Imaging.
Helen qualified as a nurse and midwife in 1983 in the UK, before moving to Mayo General Hospital. She has over 30 years' experience in midwifery and perinatal care. Since 2001, she has specialised in pregnancy ultrasound in both Mayo and Dublin. As well as practising in Innervision Ultrasound, Helen works in Merrion Ultrasound in Dublin with some of Ireland's leading obstetricians and fetal medicine experts. If you would like to discuss your pregnancy with Helen, please email helen[at]

Innervision Ultrasound

3D pregnancy ultrasound scans in Mayo

2D scans

2d We offer a range of 2D scans which can be performed at various stages of your pregnancy. They last 10 - 15 minutes and include images of your baby.

Early pregnancy scans

This scan can be performed from 7 weeks. It confirms the presence of a heartbeat as well as measuring the baby to determine the age of the pregnancy .

Gender scans

Gender determination can be performed from 16 weeks.

General wellbeing scans

A general wellbeing scan may be performed at any stage to check the health and progress of the pregnancy.

3D/4D scans

A 3D scan has the dimension of depth, giving superior and more realistic character to the image and enabling parents to see what their baby looks like. Facial expressions can sometimes be captured such as a smile or a frown. 4D enables you to see 3D imaging live. You can watch a live video of your baby from within the womb, watching his or her movements and expressions. The scan lasts 20 - 30 minutes and includes images plus a personalised video recording of your baby that you can download to your device via a link we provide.


2D Scans - €110

3D/4D Scan - €165

Innervision Ultrasound

3D pregnancy ultrasound scans in Mayo

Is it safe?

Ultrasound has been used in obstetrics for over 30 years. It uses high frequency sound waves which are outside the range of human hearing. Many studies have been carried out to determine the safety of fetal ultrasound and none have proven it to be of any harm to either mother or baby. The British Medical Ultrasound Society regularly reviews and provides updates on the safety of ultrasound. 3D / 4D scans use the same high frequency technology as 2D scans. At Innervision, all scans are performed by our qualified sonographer with extensive experience in ultrasound imaging and perinatal care.

How do 3D / 4D scans differ from my usual hospital scan?

The hospital where you receive your antenatal care offer a 2D scan which is intended to provide the obstetricians with diagnostics information about the health of your baby. A 3D / 4D scan, however, has the dimension of depth, giving superior and more realistic character to the image. This enables parents to see what their baby looks like. A 4D scan is not intended to replace your hospital scan or provide diagnostic information but to enhance the parental experience. If a potential problem is seen during your scan you will be advised to consult your doctor / hospital.

When is the best time for a scan?

2D scans can be carried out at any time. Gender can be determined accurately from 16 weeks. The best time for a 3D / 4D scan is 23 - 34 weeks, although scans can be very good even before or after this.

Will the scan guarantee perfect images?

In the majority of cases the image quality is excellent. However, there are times when the quality is lessened due to the position of the baby. The baby may be facing the wrong way or may be too close to the wall of the womb. The baby's face may also be obscured by hands, feet or the umbilical cord. While we make every effort to produce high quality recordings of the session, if clear images are not obtained, we will offer you a follow up scan at no extra cost.

How much does the scan cost?

2D Scans - €110

3D/4D Scan - €165

What is included in the cost?

A 2D scan can be performed to determine the position of the baby, its measurements and general wellbeing. Gender determination may also be determined if requested. This scan lasts 10 - 15 minutes and includes photographs of your baby. A 3D / 4D will include an initial 2D scan to determine the position of your baby. This will include position, measurements, wellbeing and gender, as above. The 3D / 4D scan includes images of your baby plus a video recording of the session. If you require any further information or would like to discuss your pregnancy with our expert sonographer, please call or email info[at]

Innervision Ultrasound

3D pregnancy ultrasound scans in Mayo

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