What we do

At Innervision, we offer a range of services. You can come for a scan at any stage of your pregnancy, whether you wish to track your baby's growth and progress or just get peace of mind about your baby's wellbeing. Please see our range of scans below.

2D Scans

We offer a range of 2D scans which can be performed at any stage of your pregnancy.

Early pregnancy scans can be performed from 7 weeks.

Gender determination can be performed from 16 weeks.

A general wellbeing scan may be performed at any stage.

2D scans last 15 - 20 minutes and include photos of your baby.

3D / 4D Scans

A 3D scan has the dimension of depth, giving superior and more realistic character to the image and enabling parents to see what their baby looks like. Facial expressions can sometimes be captured such as a smile or a frown. 4D enables you to see 3D imaging live. You can watch a live video of your baby from within the womb, watching his or her movements and expressions. The scan lasts 30 - 40 minutes and includes colour photos plus a personalised DVD recording of your baby.